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Our services are now scheduled by appointment

Sheila Hone • Master Esthetician • 801-465-8777

764 East 100 North • Downstairs • Payson

Recapture ~ face and body anti aging facial
[ree kapchr] to capture again or take back something that has escaped

Our Recapture facial extended to the rest of your body including an antioxidant grape seed body polish and skin loving hydrator. A wonderful experience that will leave you feeling ...renewed!

Reverse ~ back treatment
[ri vurs] on the other side or the back side of something

A deep cleaning facial for that hard to reach area. Includes salt scrub, extractions if necessary, detoxifying mud mask and hydrating back massage. This is a wonderful feel-good treatment.

Reduce ~ body wraps
[ri dooss] to become or make something smaller in size, volume or intensity

Cassia based cream, specially blended essential oils or dead sea mud is used depending on your needs to either help reduce inches, cellulite or toxins. Great aid when on a detox cleansing diet. For inch loss, measurements are taken before and after wraps.
120m/$55 pkg of 6/$270

Reveal and Replenish ~ body smoother
[ri veel] to make something visible that had been hidden or covered
[ri plennish] to fill somebody or something with needed energy or nourishment

Salt and sugar exfoliate your entire body before being lavished with healing shea butter leaving your body with a smooth, healthy glow.

Rescue ~ for hands and feet
[reskyoo] to save something or someone from something unpleasant

Spa pedicure- This complete treatment will transform your feet targeting cuticles to calluses with a scrub, mask and a delicious dip in warm soothing paraffin. Your toes will be polished to perfection.
90m/$50 time target 45m/$30

Spa manicure- Your hands will love this treatment. Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, skin lightening if necessary, scrub, mask, paraffin dip and polish.

Relucent ~ sunless bronzing
[ri-loo sent] to shine back or reflect

You can have the healthy, sun-kissed look without the harmful ultra violet rays that cause skin damage. A safe tan that works with your body chemistry that works best with your own skin tone. Lasts approximately one week. home use product available for self maintenance.
30m/$25 pkg of 4/$80

Times listed are actual treatment length. Please allow approximately 15 extra minutes for consultation and dressing.
Tranquility awaits you.


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Sheila Hone • Master Esthetician • 801-465-8777 • Gift Certificates Are Available

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