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Sheila Hone • Master Esthetician • 801-465-8777

764 East 100 North • Downstairs • Payson

Renew ~ for anti-aging
[ri noo] to make something new or as if new again

Our most luxurious facial! This highly effective treatment, rich in anti-aging ingredients will remove dull lifeless cells, nourish and ultra hydrate your skin leaving it looking and feeling younger, smoother and more radiant. For all skin types but especially beneficial for aging, dry, stressed and sun-damaged skin.
75m/$65 time target 35m/$40

Result ~ for men’s skin
[ri zult] to produce a particular outcome

Specifically for his skin, this relaxing, age defying facial will clean those clogged pores, especially the ones on his nose, and hydrate his skin without leaving it greasy resulting in healthy skin that’s a delight to shave.

Repair ~ acne control
[ri pair] to restore something damaged to good condition

This clinical treatment incorporates natural enzymes and alpha a beta-hydroxy acids to dissolve dead cells and open congested pores, preparing the skin for extractions. inflamed skin will be calmed with a soothing mask, then hydrated. Home care maintenance is strongly recommended for optimal results.

Resolve ~ Chemical Exfoliation
[ri zolv] to find a solution to a problem

Chemical peels that target specific needs such as Lactic for lightening pigmentation, Glycolic for fine lines and wrinkles, Salicylic for acne and menopausal skin, and Vitamin C for giving any skin a boost. All stimulate collagen synthesis and increased cellular turnover, Jessner also available for severe acne. Series recommended.
60m/$60 pkg. of 6/$270

Resurface~ Microdermabrasion
[ree surfiss] to put a new surface on something

A very effective exfoliation treatment that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, light acne scarring, reduces surface pigmentation and dramatically smoothes skin’s surface and stimulates collagen production revealing fresher, younger looking and rejuvenated skin.
Series recommended for optimal results.
60m/$80 pkg. of 6/$360

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Sheila Hone • Master Esthetician • 801-465-8777 • Gift Certificates Are Available

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